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Components are connected in hundreds of possible ways, the more pieces you have the larger the designs that can be created. There are many additional accessories including slides, wheels, pools, ball cages, fabric roofs and more.

Components are made from precision engineered, high quality, UV-stabilized thermoplastic tubes, connectors and panels. QUADRO is extremely durable and designed for many years of play. The benefit of high quality plastic components is that they have a high strength and durability, without the weight of metal. In addition the plastic does not rust or corrode like metal or splinter like wood.

Yes. QUADRO play equipment is designed and manufactured to meet stringent safety standards. Components are extremely strong, durable, non-flammable, non-toxic and have no sharp edges or protruding screws. Our product is designed to provide many years of play without breaking, cracking or warping when properly installed, maintained and used as directed. QUADRO has been sold around the world for over 35years without any mishap attributable to the product. Construction guidelines must be followed correctly and smaller children at play should be supervised at all times. QUADRO should only be used for purposes it was intended.

Yes. The unique interlocking design is very easy for kids and adults to use. Everything constructed can be easily taken apart and reassembled to make another piece of fun and exciting play equipment.

Easy to assemble

QUADRO is ideal for tots, toddlers and pre-school children. QUADRO is designed to “grow” with all children starting with infants. As the children get older, the components are simply re-assembled or adapted to meet the new demands for age-appropriate learning or play activities.

QUADRO is suitable for use indoors in the home and outdoors in the backyard. High quality UV stabilized thermoplastic makes QUADRO ideal to play in the outdoor backyard, and it’s modular compact design make it perfect for use indoors in the home and apartments in places like the playroom, kids bedrooms and rumpus room.

Yes. You can always add extra kits, accessories or individual components to meet your specific needs. There’s no limit as to how much you can expand QUADRO or take it apart and build something completely new.

Every component can be purchased individually so if a component is damaged or lost it can be simply and very inexpensively replaced, so there’s no “critical” failure that requires the whole system to be discarded. Also, you can order specific parts to complete designs you have created without having to purchase an entire kit.

QUADRO Australia are exclusive supplier of QUADRO  in Australia. we deliver to your door, providing a cheap home delivery service.


Generally kids ages 3 and up can be involved in the construction process. Kids under 3 should only play on age-appropriate designs to meet their mobility skill level. The older the child and the more creative and “handy” they become, the more complex structures they can build themselves. We recommend proper adult supervision as appropriate to the age or skill level of the child. Watch that the younger kids do not swallow small parts like screws. Larger residential playground equipment structures should be assembled by responsible adults or teenagers. As improper assembly can create hazards, small children should only “assist” in the assembly.

Each Kit comes with an assembly guide with model ideas, access to a model database, a 3-D design program on CD and a safety manual. As this is also an educational toy, the purpose of the guide is primarily to give customers ideas to build their own structures. The main construction limitations are related to Height and Stability. You must not build tall, wobbly structures. If you build structures similar to what we have on our website or in the manual – you should be OK.

The designs we have provided conform with safety standards, so if you change our design, you may also compromise the safety standard.

While portability is a key benefit, it most important that structures are stable or are firmly anchored to the floor, in the ground or to the wall. Creative Kids Play’s structures have a very low center of gravity. That ensures the structures do not move, tip or in any way endanger the children while in use. Therefore, there is generally no need for anchoring. If anchoring is desired, we do offer options for both indoor and outdoor anchoring.

QUADRO can be cleaned easily with any standard household detergents. When outdoors, simply hose off with clean water. Avoid using any abrasive materials as they will scratch and dull the plastic. Always check components for cracks which may occur is a component is over stressed. Replace cracked part immediately. For more information on Maintenance please click here.


Our play equipment is designed and manufactured to meet stringent safety standards. Components are made from precision engineered, high quality, impact absorbing, UV-stabilized thermoplastic. Components are extremely strong, non-flammable, non-toxic and have no sharp edges or protruding screws. Our product is designed to provide many years of play without breaking, cracking or warping when properly installed, maintained and used as directed.

QUADRO play equipment is primarily designed for safe use by children up to about 50kg for “active play”. However, for cleaning and maintenance etc structures can easily accommodate a person of 90kgs. The basic tube construction is very strong however, the recommended “play” weight on the panels should not exceed 50kgs. They are “not” designed for rough or active play by older children!

Components are made from thermoplastic which contain UV inhibitors however, exposure of the tubes and panels to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time will eventually begin the fading process. The fabric accessories are not UV treated and will fade more quickly in sunlight. If QUADRO is used indoors, direct sunlight through windows could have the same effect as being outside. Even if there is eventually some fading, it will not affect the quality or durability of the components.

Sand, mulch, rubber bark, and other soft materials are great for the playground surfacing under the play equipment area. You should make sure the ground is level and solid. You must also secure the play set.

Please note it is the customers responsibility to ensure appropriate, safe play surfacing.


We offer cheap home delivery via courier Australia-wide (excluding offshore and some remote locations).
You can calculate Shipping by simply entering your state and full postcode during the order process.

The courier company will only attempt to deliver orders once. A “Second Delivery” attempt will incur additional costs which will be charged to the customer. To avoid additional charges we strongly advise you either:

    1. Arrange a delivery address where the order can be definitely be received and signed for;
        • Anyone 18yrs or over can sign for the delivery e.g. yourself, neighbour, work colleague etc
        • Shipping Address does not have to be your residential address e.g. workplace, friend, neighbour etc
          A street address must be provided, PO Boxes can not be used
    1. Request ‘Authority to Leave’ when placing the order;
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We will also contact you once you have placed your order to confirm the shipping details and minimise the chance of a failed delivery. You will also be provided with a c